6 Ways to Add Fun and Purpose to Your Daily Walk

by Julia Robarts on November 20, 2016

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New Kicks 2016 - juggling with julia A mind-cleansing, heart-pumping, soul-soothing daily walk.

Do you indulge in a daily walk? If so, you already reap the benefits of this healthy habit. If not, however, you have every reason to start. The benefits of walking are endless!

The act of walking itself lowers your blood pressure, improves your mood, burns calories, and strengthens your bones and muscles. Furthermore, when you make it a daily habit, the cumulative effect of walking can help fight off dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. All great, right?

So, why isn’t everybody doing it?

Because it can get a little boring.

Believe me, I know. I’ve logged thousands of miles on these old feet. It gets tiresome walking in circles. And who wants to look at the same scenery every time they go out?

So, here’s 6 ways to add fun and purpose to your daily walk. Try one! Maybe you’ll notice that your walk feels less like an effort, and more like the healthy escape it is meant to be.

#1 Make a dog’s day
6 ways to add fun and purpose to your daily walk - juggling with julia

This is Jazzy. You’ve met her before. She loves eating dirty tissues, sniffing strangers in an utterly impolite manner, and smiling. Smiling is her favorite. It’s so easy to make her day – all I have to do is ask her, “Where’s your leash?” and she leaps excitedly into the air, kind of like a cross between a mountain goat and a dolphin. My daily walk is that much better when this goof is with me.

#2 Explore the beauty of local areas.
6 ways to add fun and purpose to your daily walk - juggling with julia

It’s a whole other world when you’re walking your town, instead of mindlessly driving through it. This serene view, for instance, is just a few hundred feet from a constantly-traveled, double-yellow lined street in my town. Yet, it is nothing but beauty and peace. Other great walking options include nearby state parks, low-traffic neighborhoods, or even downtown areas if you prefer architecture over arborvitae.

#3 Practice your photography.
6 ways to add fun and purpose to your daily walk - juggling with julia

Photography, for a blogger, is as important as the writing. Pictures make the words come alive. Thankfully, with food, I don’t need to worry about my subject moving around on the plate or refusing to look at the camera. Wildlife is tougher! I got lucky being there at the right time with this shot. Or, I may have ‘accidentally’ scuffed my toe to get him moving. {evil, yet somewhat ashamed, grin}. Your smartphone camera is likely better than any point-and-shoot you owned 10 years ago, so start snapping!

#4 Pump up the fitness factor
6 ways to add fun and purpose to your daily walk - juggling with julia

Spice up your walking route with a few fitness stops along the way. Push-ups on a quiet strip of grass, calf raises on a curb, or gentle stretching on a park bench are all easy ways to incorporate fitness into your daily walk. Maybe you’re thinking “In public? No way!” This is Nancy and Molly. They are stretching on a park bench. They don’t care who is watching. Be like Nancy and Molly 🙂

#5 Make your walk your destination
6 ways to add fun and purpose to your daily walk - juggling with julia

Give your daily walk purpose by heading towards your local coffee place or the library or post office. Don’t live anywhere near where you want to go? Just drive to that general area, park some distance away, then start walking. You’ll be double-dipping from the awesome box by getting your fitness and errands done at the same time. BOOM.

#6 Entertain yourself
Daily Walk - Juggling with Julia

It’s no secret that I love to play Pokemon Go while I walk. Ridiculously good fun and a little addicting. But there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself if pocket monsters aren’t your thing. Call your best friend for a catch-up. Play music (dance-walking is totally OK). Get into that podcast that all your friends have been talking about (Serial, Season One, anyone?). Listen to an audiobook. Or, ditch the electronics altogether and try identifying birds calls, meditating, or composing haiku in your head. Whatever you like 🙂



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Cheryl Van Allen November 20, 2016 at 12:24 pm

Great post Jules!! I am a “music while I walk” girl – if Trevor ever saw me drumming along to the beat in the air while I walk, he’d be horrified! I miss OUR walks my friend!! xoxo


Julia Robarts November 20, 2016 at 1:41 pm

Of course that dance-walking comment was for you! Miss you too – maybe it’s time to plan a daily walk together??


jen November 20, 2016 at 8:38 am

great post. heading out for a walk now!


Julia Robarts November 20, 2016 at 12:05 pm

Fab! Got your Snap – thx for including me on your walk xo


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