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6 Ways to Add Fun and Purpose to Your Daily Walk

November 20, 2016 Healthy Lifestyle

A mind-cleansing, heart-pumping, soul-soothing daily walk. Do you indulge in a daily walk? If so, you already reap the benefits of this healthy habit. If not, however, you have every reason to start. The benefits of walking are endless! The act of walking itself lowers your blood pressure, improves your mood, burns calories, and strengthens […]

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Why I Pokemon Go for Walks

October 12, 2016 Healthy Lifestyle
Why I Pokemon Go For Walks - Juggling with Julia

Maybe it’s because I never truly grew up, or perhaps I just require daily escapes from reality, but I LOVE playing Pokemon Go while out on my daily walks. I hear you tsk-tsk-ing. I see you shaking your head 🙂 And I get it. I am an otherwise respectable 49-year-old. How could I publicly admit […]

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Savor the Flavor for National Nutrition Month

March 9, 2016 Healthy Lifestyle

National Nutrition Month is upon us once again, and dietitians everywhere would like you to ‘savor the flavor.’ And on National Registered Dietitian Day (today!), I always take the opportunity to remind everyone that a) I am a dietitian and I love bacon, and that b) above all, food is meant to be enjoyed. I’ve said it […]

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Beating Misery with Little Everyday Blessings

March 2, 2016 Blogging

Happy Wednesday, friends! Normally I’d be here enticing you with some drool-worthy picture and new recipe to go with it. Sadly, beating misery is the theme instead. The past week has brought little to my life except the pain and suffering one can expect from strep throat. Fiery pain that intensified with the tiniest of […]

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My Fake Restaurant Menu

January 10, 2016 Healthy Lifestyle

“Mum, you should open a restaurant. You could serve all the things you like to make.” This sweet comment from my 10-year-old came as I pulled out the ingredients for a very simple, but healthy, dinner. Me? Open a restaurant? While it is laughable from the viewpoint of my organizational abilities, I contemplated this thought […]

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My Daily Coffee Habit Really Is For the Greater Good

October 22, 2015 Beverages

Let’s talk about coffee, shall we? Specifically, how my ‘here and there’ caffeine habit – delivered nowadays via homemade cold-brewed iced coffee – has transformed into a daily coffee habit. I do it for you, really, as well as my family, and the cat, and anyone else who depends on me to be coherent, alert, […]

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Coffee Roasting with Coffee on the Porch

July 5, 2015 Food tours

I swoon at the smell of freshly brewing coffee. I love to put my face right into a bag of freshly roasted beans and breathe it in. Coffee ice cream, mocha drinks (like my beloved-yet-expensive ‘adult chocolate milk’ at Starbucks), and meat rubs with robust coffee flavors (like my favorite barbecued pork tenderloin recipe) are […]

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5 Foods Never to Eat (All of Which are Negotiable)

January 18, 2015 Blogging

I know you’ve seen those fear-mongering lists.  “5 Foods Never to Eat” or “Avoid These Foods Forever” promising amazing health or weight loss benefits. They flash cartoon images of bananas, suggesting sinister outcomes should you eat them. They urge you to avoid sugar at all costs, to run screaming away from the conventional produce aisle, […]

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7 Tips for a Healthy Book Club

November 20, 2014 entertaining

Is your book club often an evening of excess? A calorie calamity? Do you leave feeling like you’ve overdone it – again? Then read on, because we’re talking about 7 Tips for a Healthy Book Club. While it’s unlikely that your once-a-month meet-up with pals, noshing on savory delights while discussing a book’s unsavory elements, […]

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Local Dairy Farm: My Tour of Hornstra Farms

October 16, 2014 Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever petted a cow? Looked into her eyes? Marveled at her sheer size? Called her by name? You could if you visited a local dairy farm. Heyyy, Juanita! Yo, Crackle! Pop! Looking good, Autumn! Thanks to the New England Dairy and Food Council I got to muck around at Hornstra Farms with registered dietitians […]

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