Material Things: This Sweatshirt Knows Everything About Me

February 2, 2017 Life
material things - juggling with julia

I never thought that I put much value in material things. Never have I wanted that fancy car, the latest gadget, or designer anything. ( I wouldn’t know what to do with Louboutins if Christian himself were dressing me). My attachments are to people, places, traditions, moments. So, imagine my surprise when I became awash with emotion as my […]

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Beach Preachin’ on Midcoast Maine

July 5, 2016 Life

Sand, salt, sea, sun. These are the simplest ingredients for family harmony I know. Our annual mid-coast Maine beach vacation has once again delivered miles of smiles and fantastic memories, all in the style of good old-fashioned fun. We picked strawberries (10 quarts!) for jelly and pie-making, skipped rocks, gazed at stars, and hunted for hermit […]

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Beating Misery with Little Everyday Blessings

March 2, 2016 Blogging

Happy Wednesday, friends! Normally I’d be here enticing you with some drool-worthy picture and new recipe to go with it. Sadly, beating misery is the theme instead. The past week has brought little to my life except the pain and suffering one can expect from strep throat. Fiery pain that intensified with the tiniest of […]

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