Juggling with Julia’s 5th Blogiversary!

April 26, 2016 Appetizers & Snacks

April 26th, 2016. The 5th blogiversary for my little hobby ūüôā That doesn’t seem possible. I’m having a hard time comprehending that it’s been five whole years. In my mind, that sounds like a lot of work. A lot of time. For sure, it has been. I’ve poured immeasurable amounts of time, thought, and creative […]

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Spanish Brown Rice and Beans

November 4, 2015 Main Meals

Looking for some warm comfort food to snuggle your insides? I got you, babe. Here comes Spanish Brown Rice and Beans.¬† It’s exactly the kind of one-pot dish you need to kick off your week. Zippy and filling, it’s an absolute cinch to make. Better yet, it got the double-thumbs up from the boys and […]

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7 Quick and Healthy Recipes for Busy People

March 29, 2015 Chili/Soup/Stew

If ‘busy’¬† is a disease, then I’ve got it bad. I try not to overload our lives. (Really, I do.) But it seems that the minute I push one low priority ‘thing’ to the curb, another more obviously important priority shows up at the door. With luggage. I know you get it. We’re ALL busy! […]

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Winter Kale and Sausage Soup

February 15, 2015 Chili/Soup/Stew

Winter, you vindictive beyatch. Overkill much? But it’s OK – at least this weather keeps me in the kitchen longer so I can come up with new recipes, like the Winter Kale and Sausage Soup I am gong to share with you. I actually don’t mind winter, and there are some things I actually love […]

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Rosemary Garlic Roasted Pork Loin

November 25, 2014 Main Meals

Imagine this: It’s a few days post Thanksgiving. You’ve eeked all you can out of the leftovers, and still you have to feed the troops. Dinner sure ain’t gonna make itself, but the thought of doing the full-court press in the kitchen, so soon after Turkey Day, is just a bit too much for you […]

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Garlic and Herb Roasted Pork Loin

May 6, 2014 Main Meals

Pork loin smothered in a savory, herb-filled rub? Garlic and rosemary and thyme and sage filling your home with an intoxicating aroma? It’s all here waiting for you. But first, a word from my sponsor. Oh, wait, I don’t have a sponsor… Plenty of food bloggers partner with big food clients. It’s part of the […]

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My 250th Post: Skillet Sausage and Peppers

November 20, 2013 Main Meals

My¬†250th post. Wowza!¬†That definitely¬†makes¬†this blog¬†my #1 hobby. In the past 2.5 years, there’s no way I’ve finished 250 scrapbook pages, nor played 250 volleyball matches, read 250 books, or hit the down-dog 250 times (though¬† my chakras wish that I had). Somehow all those things fit in here and there, but blogging is at the […]

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Bacon Fried Brown Rice and Vegetables

November 14, 2013 Pork

The bacon-whispering dietitian is back, this time with Bacon Fried Brown Rice and Vegetables. Bacon? Again?? Don’t worry. It’s not that I eat bacon every day, or even every week. It’s just that I’m compelled to share with you every recipe I make that includes bacon!! You’re so lucky. This time bacon adds its delectable […]

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Memorial Day Cookout: Recipe Roundup

May 23, 2013 Appetizers & Snacks
Memorial Day Cookout recipe - Juggling with Julia

What’re you doing this weekend? If you, like me, are hosting a Memorial Day Cookout, then you’ve come to the right place for recipes. Scroll down for some of my favorite go-to recipes for feeding a crowd. Memorial Day Cookout Traditions Our annual Memorial Day cookout¬†started years ago as friends and family camped out on […]

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Barbecued Pulled Pork with Mango and Feta

March 12, 2013 Crock Pot

I played in a volleyball tournament two days ago. Two whole days. Yet, this morning¬†it still feels like my¬†body was beat with wooden sticks all night long. Oh, the sore muscles – how glorious! Yeah, you heard me. While I might wince and whimper as I start to lower into a chair, these sore muscles […]

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