Beach Preachin’ on Midcoast Maine

July 5, 2016 Life

Sand, salt, sea, sun. These are the simplest ingredients for family harmony I know. Our annual mid-coast Maine beach vacation has once again delivered miles of smiles and fantastic memories, all in the style of good old-fashioned fun. We picked strawberries (10 quarts!) for jelly and pie-making, skipped rocks, gazed at stars, and hunted for hermit […]

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Coffee Roasting with Coffee on the Porch

July 5, 2015 Food tours

I swoon at the smell of freshly brewing coffee. I love to put my face right into a bag of freshly roasted beans and breathe it in. Coffee ice cream, mocha drinks (like my beloved-yet-expensive ‘adult chocolate milk’ at Starbucks), and meat rubs with robust coffee flavors (like my favorite barbecued pork tenderloin recipe) are […]

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Maple Blueberry Overnight Oats (and all about Maple Sugaring)

April 12, 2015 Breakfast/Brunch

Maple Blueberry Overnight Oats – a sweet and easy breakfast treat reminiscent of Swiss muesli — is brought to you thanks to my husband’s new-found interest in the maple syrup industry. After reading up on New England maple sugaring practices, he decided we ought to tour a local operation. Though it’s hard for a lifelong […]

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Local Dairy Farm: My Tour of Hornstra Farms

October 16, 2014 Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever petted a cow? Looked into her eyes? Marveled at her sheer size? Called her by name? You could if you visited a local dairy farm. Heyyy, Juanita! Yo, Crackle! Pop! Looking good, Autumn! Thanks to the New England Dairy and Food Council I got to muck around at Hornstra Farms with registered dietitians […]

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One Day on the Cape: A Foodie Tale

February 17, 2014 Restaurant

One Day on the Cape: A Foodie Tale. What does a foodie do during a weekend getaway to the Cape with her Valentine? No couples massages or champagne for us. No sirree! In between some tennis, a little volleyball, and a walk near the beach, we squeezed in a tour of Cape Cod Beer in Hyannis, MA, as […]

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Chill Out and Enjoy Christmas

December 29, 2013 Healthy Lifestyle

Hello friends! I hope you were able to enjoy Christmas and these last days of 2013. I write from beautiful mid-coast Maine, where we are re-Christmasing with Mark’s family. After missing out on a true Thanksgiving feast (boohoo, we were on a Caribbean cruise), I was very happy to feast on their traditional holiday fare like […]

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Keeping Cool Like a Maine-iac in Owls Head

July 10, 2013 Travel
Owls Head Maine Vacation 2013 -- Juggling With Julia

Happy summer, friends! It’s really here! Last night we returned from our vacation in beautiful Owls Head, Maine. As always it was a wonderful time. In 20+ years of coming to my home-away-from home, though, this is the first time I can remember being unable to escape the heat. There’s normally always a sea breeze in Owls Head. During the hottest […]

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Summer Cooking — Get Me Outta This Slump!

July 11, 2012 Travel

Hello, friends near and far! Very sorry for the radio silence. I am finally back from the Land of the Lost. We had eight glorious days on coastal Maine shores with nothing but beautiful sunny days, quiet beaches, and old-fashioned Maine cuisine. Check out this gorgeous rainbow we caught our first evening there — It […]

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I Ate NYC! (My Wallet May Be Empty, But My Heart is Full)

March 19, 2012 Travel

It’s Sunday a.m. and the whole family is snoring away, still recovering from our whirlwind trip to NYC. Not me. I seem to be genetically predisposed to rising early no matter what exhausting activities might have taken place the day before. Thanks to the blogging app on my phone, I can write this without even […]

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Murals and Monterey

October 8, 2011 Travel

Day 2 of our San Fran adventure awaited! Early in the morning, while everyone slept in, I got outside for a quick walk in the colorful Mission district. It was a busy Friday, with construction going on, kids on their way to school, and folks commuting – by bus, car, foot, and scooter. This walk […]

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