Vegetarian Mexican Quinoa Bowls

March 21, 2017 The Recipe Redux
Vegetarian Mexican Quinoa Bowls

It’s Recipe Redux time and I’m sharing these Vegetarian Mexican Quinoa Bowls to show you how easy it is to make something with just a few pantry ingredients. How long could you and your family survive without a trip to the grocery store? Is your pantry well-stocked? Mine nearly always is – we have a shopping […]

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Apple Pomegranate Grain Salad with Lemon Maple Vinaigrette

January 18, 2017 Appetizers & Snacks

I love a delicious dish that keeps on giving, don’t you? This Apple Pomegranate Grain Salad with a quick Lemon Maple Vinaigrette does just that. It’s a fresh, easy salad  that works in so many ways, such as… ♦ A side dish for your weeknight supper ♦ A  beautiful addition to your lazy brunch ♦ The […]

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Summer Bruschetta and Kitchen Memories

September 22, 2016 Appetizers & Snacks

I love the Recipe Redux! Every month this fab group of foodies celebrates both tasty and nutritious food, and this month, we’re getting all nostalgic with our first memories of being in the kitchen. We’ll get to the mouth-watering Summer Bruschetta shortly, but first, let’s hop in the time machine and go way, way back, […]

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Breakfast Nachos with Eggs, Spinach, and Spicy Fried Onions

February 22, 2016 Breakfast/Brunch

Rise and shine! Time to make the…breakfast nachos. What? Start your day with nachos? In what galaxy is the favorite food of pub crawlers, sports fans, and margarita-infused shenanigan-makers considered a nutritious start to anyone’s day? In the Recipe Redux galaxy, my friends 🙂 I’m so excited to be a part of the Recipe Redux, a monthly […]

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Shaved Brussel Sprouts and Kale Salad

February 2, 2016 Breakfast/Brunch

I’d like to keep a big bowl of this in my fridge to eat every day. That’s a direct quote, which got an enthusiastic nod of agreement from around the room. That makes Kale and Shaved Brussel Sprouts Salad hands-down the biggest foodie hit I’ve ever had with the book club pals. And that’s saying […]

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Kale Quinoa Pomegranate Salad

December 21, 2015 Appetizers & Snacks

Happy holidays, friends! Been busy wrapping, baking, shopping, and cooking? Same here. And drinking more iced coffee than is recommended by 4 out of 5 sleepologists. It was quite a productive week in the kitchen. I baked oodles of cookies (with help from my elves – Grumpy, Sneezy, and Sporty), and I even made a […]

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Apple Cabbage Slaw with Greek Yogurt Dressing

September 30, 2015 Salads/Sides

Howdy, friends! Hasn’t this been one killer September? Cool mornings, warm and sunny days, and a gorgeous blue sky – I just can’t get enough. Just to clear, I’m still a HUGE fan of the lazy days of summer. I’m certainly not putting my flip flops away until I have to. But, there is no […]

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Quinoa Kale Salad with Edamame

October 1, 2014 Salads/Sides

Quinoa Kale Salad with Edamame and an easy lemony dressing. Yep, I’m back again with another fast, delicious, super-charged healthy salad. If you hadn’t heard, that’s kind of my thing now. What? You hadn’t heard? Let’s review. Some Fast, Delicious Super-Charged Healthy Salads First there was Massaged Kale Salad, which I’ve made so many times […]

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Purple Cabbage Cranberry Apple Slaw

August 24, 2014 Salads/Sides

Purple Cabbage Cranberry Apple Slaw. Look at that gorgeous array of colors. That’s my kind of rainbow. Beautiful AND edible 🙂 Eat the rainbow! Eat the rainbow! Why is it we dietitians are always saying that? I’ll tell you. It’s all about the phytochemicals — those tiny ninja butt-kickers that protect your insides. Colorful fruits […]

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Lemon Garlic Green Beans

July 23, 2014 Salads/Sides

Simple, zesty, and fresh – that’s the best way to describe these amazing Lemon Garlic Green Beans. Straight off the farm these beans came, and a bit o’ pizzazz is all they needed to make them pop!They were the perfect addition to a simple meal of corn on the cob and steak. We had big […]

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