Easy Mexican Brown Rice and Beans by a Reluctant Planner

February 14, 2014 Main Meals

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!  I bet you were thinking I’d share something sweet today, dintcha? Well, I would’ve, but I forgot to plan something. More on my poor planning skills later. Are you looking for easy, healthy, and yummy? That’s the Food Trifecta, as far as I’m concerned, and this Mexican Brown Rice and Beans does it […]

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Slammin’ Salmon — Two Ways!

August 27, 2012 Main Meals

Drats. Summer is in its waning days.  It really hit home yesterday as I saw the sun hitting the deck at unfamiliar angles and felt the chilly 75 degree pool water. Our corner store is selling Oktoberfest brews. And, worst of all, ice cream does not taste nearly as good as it did in July. Trust me […]

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Indian Grilled Chicken

June 8, 2012 General

Looks like I’ve found my new fave grilled chicken recipe! Move over, Crazy Lime Chicken , there’s a new dish in town!  Aromatic, savory, tender, and so, so tasty — it smells divine from the second you put together the marinade. Don’t be daunted by the long list of ingredients. Most are everyday spices and the rest is unexotic stuff […]

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Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower with Shrimp

June 6, 2012 Main Meals

At the most unlikely of times, I managed to hit a home run yesterday. I was unprepared and uninspired, and had only a 45 minute window in which to make dinner. I needed it to be quick. I needed it NOT to require a 10-mile round trip to Market Basket. And, I needed inspiration. So, with shrimp and […]

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Crazy Lime Chicken

July 26, 2011 General

I am always looking for a new “best” recipe that satisfies in two important ways: it has un-pampered ingredients AND instructions that mere humans can conquer without requiring years of training at the Cordon Bleu.  And, so, I spend a lot of time online, skimming ingredients lists, instructions and reviews.  I look for the key phrases that say “deal-breaker”to me, or at least guarantee […]

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