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Taco Tuesday! Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa

June 13, 2012 General

[slideshow]Thank you, Food Network magazine, and your article on 50 Tacos. It could not have been timed better!  A friend and I have been brainstorming new taco ideas. [She has been holding Taco Tuesdays for several months, and her kids are starting to get bored with the same old taco.] And then – BOOM – this magazine lands in my life outta nowhere. […]

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Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower with Shrimp

June 6, 2012 Main Meals

At the most unlikely of times, I managed to hit a home run yesterday. I was unprepared and uninspired, and had only a 45 minute window in which to make dinner. I needed it to be quick. I needed it NOT to require a 10-mile round trip to Market Basket. And, I needed inspiration. So, with shrimp and […]

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Asian Meatballs With Lime Sesame Dipping Sauce

February 17, 2012 Turkey

Little Known Fact: I spent some time on a veal farm when I was a kid. It was during February vacation, way back in ’77. My pal Kristina and I were staying with her aunt and uncle at their farm for the week. While we spent most of our time just goofing around, we did spend several hours in the veal […]

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Crazy Lime Chicken

July 26, 2011 General

I am always looking for a new “best” recipe that satisfies in two important ways: it has un-pampered ingredients AND instructions that mere humans can conquer without requiring years of training at the Cordon Bleu.  And, so, I spend a lot of time online, skimming ingredients lists, instructions and reviews.  I look for the key phrases that say “deal-breaker”to me, or at least guarantee […]

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Fish Tacos with Tangy Guacamole

July 11, 2011 Main Meals

There I was, driving through the Fenway on my way to work, when this billboard enters my view: FISH TACOS.  “Yuck! Fish in tacos?! Really? Gack.”   That reaction can be chalked up to a childhood aversion to all things fishy — undoubtedly a result of being required, by a well-meaning neighbor, to watch him gut his fresh catch.   I like fish now, really, but […]

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