The Simplest Nutrition Philosophy: Don’t Stress

October 14, 2014 Healthy Lifestyle

What’s  your nutrition philosophy? Making decisions about what to eat or how to feed your family can be hard, right? In this current world, establishing your nutrition philosophy is a challenge, and it is no wonder. Nutrition information is coming at us from every direction – TV commercials, magazine ads, food packaging, infomercials, and best-selling […]

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Celebrating the Profession of Dietetics

March 13, 2013 Nutrition
RD day 2013

Today is a special day. Can you guess? Come on, it was the same special day last year at this time. Give up? It’s….NATIONAL REGISTERED DIETITIAN DAY! {raucous applause} I know, I know. Do dietitians really need their own “day” in this land of make-believe holidays? In this case, most definitely yes. The profession of […]

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News Flash: Diet Soda is not a Health Food

May 15, 2012 Healthy Lifestyle

Does that come as a surprise to anybody? I sure hope not.  As a fairly regular imbiber of the stuff (both Tab and fountain diet Coke are my favorite caffeine-delivery vehicles), though, I was a bit alarmed at the sudden frequency of eyebrow-raising headlines, tweets, and Facebook posts I was seeing in the past few weeks.  “Can diet soda make […]

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National Registered Dietitian Day and Other Unknown Holidays

March 14, 2012 Healthy Lifestyle

Americans surely have the market covered when it comes to weird or unknown holidays. Aside from National Potato Chip Day, Appreciate a Dragon Day, and Fight Procrastination Day, there are a few others I thought you should know about: National Goof Off Day is March 22nd. That’s next Thursday! You better hurry up and plan something […]

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