Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal with Chocolate Chips

July 28, 2014 Breads/Quick Breads

Yesterday was a trying day. I was feeling low. To cure my foul mood, I came home and baked. Out came this amazing peanut butter baked oatmeal with chocolate chips. All better now 🙂 Baking definitely soothes my soul. There is just something about mixing and measuring and scooping and stirring that works for me. […]

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No-Guilt Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie Bites

July 20, 2014 Breakfast/Brunch

Apparently, the thought of a sinless cookie appeals greatly to the masses 🙂 The No-Guilt Banana Oat Chippies were a huge hit, and continue to cause excitement around the Internet. I say this gleefully, while simultaneously trying not to sound too excited, as if this is NBD and it happens, like, all the time. Which […]

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Apple Cranberry Baked Oatmeal

March 23, 2014 Appetizers & Snacks

Blessed be friends with a sharing spirit. Because of this blog, I’m constantly showered with recipes, stories, questions, and bacon (an entire category in itself). It’s no surprise that’s where some of JWJ’s best recipes got their start. I tweak them here and there, to accommodate my tastes and my pantry, but it’s unlikely they […]

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Saucy Italian Meatloaf

January 10, 2013 Beef
Saucy Italian Meatloaf -- Juggling With Julia

While I am definitely NOT Italian, most would certainly say I am saucy 🙂 That is why I am able to unabashedly tell you this is the BEST MEATLOAF EVER!!  Me, doing cartwheels over meatloaf? I never woulda thunk it, but here I am literally in awe over how good this turned out.  And it’s not just me this time; the […]

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Heart-healthy Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

November 27, 2012 Healthy Lifestyle

Hello holiday revelers! Did you wake up yesterday feeling all Black Monday after a weekend of indulging? Good for you if not 🙂 But, for the rest, have I got a yummy way for you to get back on track!  It’s a cookie that is SO HEALTHY, you could actually call it…breakfast?! A no-guilt way to […]

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