World Flooper Day

August 29th, 2011 will heretofore officially be known as World Flooper Day.

What in the heck is a flooper? A food blooper. A doozy of a recipe disaster. In other words, something that goes terribly, horribly wrong in the kitchen. We’ve all been there, right?! Of course we have.  And it is AWESOME.

What’s good about a flooper? you ask. While the dish doesn’t end up nourishing you physically, from it comes some of our best stories and biggest laughs.  And that sure feeds you spiritually 🙂

So, I figured, what better way to spread the laughs, and share the angst, then devote an entire page of my blog to them.


For example, just yesterday I flooped big time with the simplest of recipes:  Rice Krispies Treats. I don’t even know what happened. All I can say is that they were probably doomed from the start since I don’t even like them that much. I was making them only to use up some cereal,  since we have something like 17 boxes in the cabinet.  So, maybe I flooped because my usual go-for-it flair was not present, or maybe I simply blew it or it just wasn’t my day.  I just don’t know. But this is most certainly NOT what they are supposed to look like:

And it wasn’t just me having kitchen angst yesterday. Even my friend, Susan, domestic goddess and maker of The Most Awesome Brownies Ever (according to Casey), flopped a flooper yesterday with what were supposed to be Andes Mint Chocolate Chunk cookies from the ever-awesome Sally’s Baking Addiction blog. Hm. What happened, Suz? They don’t look like Sal’s…

And, so, now you see why yesterday — August 29th – is now World *Flooper Day.

*Trust me, it’s a real word. I added it to the Urban Dictionary myself (just don’t look at the other definitions – they are gross).

If you find yourself the artisan of a Flooper, PLEASE email me at with your story, and a photo if you have it! I will happily post it here and let the laughter reign.

Until then, keep calm and carry on. There are more ingredients to waste and more floopers to laugh about tomorrow 🙂

Flooper Log 12/30/12 — my friend, Holly sent along this photo and description:

Holly's angel food debacle

“I thought I’d try 2 of my favorite things together, angel food cake with fresh blueberries. But when I flipped the cake pan over a wine bottle to cool the cake, the weight of the berries brought the whole thing down all over the counter. We called it blueberry debacle. I served it (what hadn’t landed on the floor) with cream, kind of like parfait.”

Nice save, Holly!

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