Irish Potato and Leek Soup

January 8, 2014 Chili/Soup/Stew
Irish Potato and Leek Soup -- Juggling With Julia

Irish Potato and Leek Soup? I don’t often characterize a recipe by its country of origin. It’s hard to peg a dish as being from this country, or that one. Traditional foods we enjoy regularly – think ratatouille, roast chicken, or potato salad - have been influenced and morphed by so many cultures, it’s hard to pin it on just one country. Of […]

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Gnocchi with Chard and White Beans

January 5, 2014 Main Meals
Gnocchi with Chard and White Beans -- Juggling With Julia

Hello to all! I have a treat for you today. A quick and easy vegetarian recipe, ready to go in under 30 minutes. This wonder-meal is thanks to my colleague, Erica, who is today’s guest blogger. See what happens when you post a picture of a delicious meal on Facebook? I might just ask you […]

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Snow Day Triple Chocolate Muffins

January 2, 2014 Breads/Quick Breads
Triple Chocolate Muffins - Juggling With Julia

Triple Chocolate Muffins. Good morning, indeed! Sweet, chocolaty, delicate, and touched with a hint of cinnamon, ’cause that’s just how I do it. This was a great way to wake up my snowed-in bunnies this morning. As if the 12 day school vacation wasn’t long enough, Mother Nature pulled a fast one and launched a […]

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My iPhone Reminder is Set. It Says “Chill Out and Enjoy Christmas 2014″

December 29, 2013 General
Reinbeer -- Juggling With Julia

Hello friends! Are you enjoying these last days of 2013? I write from beautiful mid-coast Maine, where we are re-Christmasing with Mark’s family. After missing out on a true Thanksgiving feast (boohoo, we were on a Caribbean cruise), I was very happy to feast on their traditional holiday fare like deep-fried turkey, sweet potato casserole, […]

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Soft and Chewy Whole Wheat Molasses Spice Cookies

December 18, 2013 Cookies/bars
Soft and Chewy Whole Wheat Molasses Spice Cookies - Juggling With Julia

‘Tis the season for cookies!  The Meal Makeover Moms know it. Yesterday they shared a handful of healthy holiday cookie recipes, including my granola crunch cookies. That’s all the inspiration I needed to get into the kitchen. You see, I’ve been thinking about a cookie. A spiced, sweet, soft, chewy, and, shockingly, chocolate chip -free […]

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Five Fab Recipes with 5 Ingredients or Less

December 12, 2013 Appetizers & Snacks
Guacamole with Feta -- Juggling With Julia

If you’re a parent, I’ll bet you’d never call your life simple. Spare time – what’s that? It’s an oxymoron, a joke, a farce if you ask me. There is no such thing when you are coordinating the lives and well-being of your offspring. While I would never wish my kids away, I do crave […]

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Chicken and Barley Vegetable Soup

December 9, 2013 Chicken
Chicken and Barley Vegetable Soup -- Juggling With Julia

Chicken and barley soup would sure hit the spot right now. We are deep into soup territory here, and we’re still several days from the official start of winter! Freezing rain, slush, and snow greeted us this morning – as if it being Monday wasn’t bad enough. After slipping and sliding into work, I broke […]

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Weeknight Express: Mediterranean Shrimp and Pasta

December 4, 2013 Main Meals
Mediterranean Shrimp and Pasta - Juggling With Julia

We’ll get to this delish Mediterranean Shrimp and Pasta in a minute. First… It’s December already??!? I hardly noticed since I just got back from….THE CARIBBEAN! Yep, the family snuck off for a holiday cruise last week, returning Thanksgiving night. It was wonderful to be away, get unplugged, and be totally pampered. Being away meant I sadly missed cooking […]

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Salad Express: Cranberry and Feta Orzo Salad

November 21, 2013 Appetizers & Snacks
Cranberry and Feta Orzo Salad -- Juggling With Julia

Every day my son, Casey, moves closer and closer to a mostly-vegetarian life. He literally craves salads, and most of the time could take a pass on whatever animal protein might be featured for the evening. Let’s be clear. There are all kinds of vegetarians. He’ll be the kind that drinks a 1/2 gallon of milk a day, allows […]

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My 250th Post: Skillet Sausage and Peppers

November 20, 2013 Main Meals
Skillet Sausage and Peppers - Juggling With Julia

My 250th post. Wowza! That definitely makes this blog my #1 hobby. In the past 2.5 years, there’s no way I’ve finished 250 scrapbook pages, nor played 250 volleyball matches, read 250 books, or hit the down-dog 250 times (though  my chakras wish that I had). Somehow all those things fit in here and there, but blogging is at the […]

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